2012 - The Retreat Outcome Study



This is the annual update of a longitudinal evaluations effort conducted by Herbert & Louis, LLC, an independent evaluation company, for calendar year 2012. This report compares current year findings with past year (2011) and all previous years’ data from 2001 to 2010. It includes sections for the residential, two non-residential, and the sober housing efforts. The findings discussed confirm and reinforce positive findings consistently reported in past reports.

Demographically, there were very few differences of note. The average age of guests was 39.7 years with males continuing to be younger (37.7 years) than females (43.2 years).
The population was predominantly White (94.9%), single (never married) 43.0%, and unemployed 42.1%. As expected, most guests reporting using a variety of substance prior to registration. Alcohol continued to be reported as the most frequently cited substance (92.5%) followed by marijuana (41.0%), cocaine powder (31.6%), opiates (other than heroin) 25.0%, and illegal prescription drugs (21.2%). Utilization of medical services, and incidences with the criminal justice system prior to registration, remained relative low and similar to previous years.

Significant improvements were reported by guests across a spectrum of key recovery measures at the time of departure. Subsequently, guest satisfaction was extremely positive as indicated by a 98% positive endorsement of their willingness to recommend the Retreat to others. At six months post departure an abstinence rate of 59.2% was reported and at 12 months post departure the rate was 55.9%. The non-residential programs mirrored these high satisfaction and abstinence ratings.

Participation in The Retreat’s sober housing continued to provide evidence that the resource was effective. Those participating in sober housing were more likely to be younger, single, and unemployed – recipes for characteristically difficult recoveries. Nonetheless, at follow-up, their rates of abstinence were similar to those who were older, married, and employed.

Outcome Study Detail

Evaluation Company: Herbert & Louis, LLC.
Calendar: Year 2012
Object of study: Guests at The Retreat
Study period: 12 Month

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