Our Family Program: The Best Way to Help.


We know how desperate family members are to help their loved one.  

The Retreat’s Family program gives families and friends tools to effectively support their loved one in the face of the confusion and chaos of addiction.  

If you have a loved one struggling with drugs and alcohol, we can educate you on how to respond to the addiction and to support in ways that really help.  

To get you started, here are: 6 Things You Can Do to Help a Loved One.


But here is the most important thing you should know:

  • Alcoholism is a disease that affects the entire family. It is a family problem that requires a family solution.
  • Our Family Program allows family members and friends to become part of the solution.  


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Program Offerings

Here is what you will get from participating in our Program:

  • Hope
  • Tools for dealing constructively and effectively with someone else's addiction
  • Strategies for responding to your loved ones in ways that are caring and helpful

The Retreat Family Program is built on the belief that each family member has been impacted by their loved one’s use.  Our Family Program gives participants the opportunity to better understand addiction, family dynamics and the process of recovery embodied in the Twelve Steps of Al-Anon. 

*Please note: you do not have to have a loved one connected to The Retreat to attend.The Family Program is open to anyone. All family events require pre-registration. Please Contact Sherry at sgaugler-stewart@theretreat.org or Jen at jsamet@theretreat.org or call us at 952.476.0566.

 Thank You!


Participation will also include:

  • Group Discussions
  • Educational sessions on the Twelve Steps and related topics, including all program materials
  • Al-Anon & AA meetings
  • Family Conferences
  • Personal Reflection
  • Meditation
  • Meals prepared by our award-winning chef (for those attending our Residential Family Program)

McIver Family Center Amenities:

  • Meditation Room
  • Room for 18 guests
  • Lounge area with fireplace
  • Library
  • Access to the Wayzata Big Woods and nature trails
  • Wireless service is available for laptop computers
  • Fitness center at main campus