AA events near me: Calendar


One of the most powerful tools for recovery is attending regular AA events. By surrounding yourself with a strong support system, you’ll be able to supplement your road to recovery, strengthen your relationships with other like-minded individuals, and work as a community to fully immerse yourself in sober living. The aspects of time, structure, and support are all essential in building a strong foundation of recovery, which is why it’s important to regularly search for “AA events near me.” The Retreat has a dedicated calendar for AA events near me to help residents find meetings that fit their schedules.

AA events are updated regularly, and our calendar has options for dates throughout the year. The Retreat Calendar of Events includes AA meetings, weekend retreats, family work, and more. Find all of the AA events near me throughout our interactive calendar. Each AA event includes the time, date, and link to more details.


AA Events News

If you’re looking for news, resources, or content about The Retreat, its programs, community, and life in recovery, you can check the AA events near me calendar for the most up to date information. As part of our commitment to offering continual support for those in need, we’re dedicated to providing helpful resources and unique opportunities to experience and connect during your recovery. Some of our resident’s favorite AA events include community dodgeball, community hockey, softball games, and more. We periodically take extended adventures to canoe, ski, or attend events. Each month the AA events will change giving you the option for variety that will help keep you motivated and satisfied throughout recovery.


Regular AA Events Near Me

In addition to a changing calendar of events, The Retreat holds a few regular programs to help people in the community connect and grow. Our Breakfast Club is held on the third Thursday of every month from 7:30am – 8:30am and provides both new and old Retreat Friends with an opportunity to share and receive inspiring recovery messages. The Breakfast Club is free to attend and open to the public. There are also regularly scheduled AA meetings for group continuity, reliability, and support for those who need it. If you’re interested in learning more about AA events near me, check our website for regular updates and information on meetings, weekend retreats, sports, family work, and more.