Give Now, and Help Us Continue to Educate, Inspire and Give  Hope to All Who Seek a Meaningful and Joyful Recovery.

Gifts of recovery for The Retreat's golden birthday.


On June 21 The Retreat turns 21. Consider a “golden birthday gift" to help The Retreat provide affordable, effective recovery resources for years to come.

Your financial support funds lifesaving scholarships and projects that expand and enhance The Retreat's facilities and resources. In other words, you make recovery possible.

Give now, and help The Retreat continue to educate, inspire, and give hope to all who seek a meaningful and joyful recovery.



The Retreat is proof of the transformational power of love and service embodied in Twelve Step recovery. And the return on an investment in recovery is immeasurable.

Your generosity supports The Retreat mission, and makes recovery possible by supporting Scholarships and Our Next Step, the project to enhance and expand facilities and resources, and develop a new National Center for Women’s Recovery, on our Wayzata campus.


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