The Retreat Family Program: Testimonials


This still is the most profound program we've ever attended. It helped us, taught us and focused us so much. As our son works his way through recovery, we can partner along with him due to our attending the Family Program.




I’ve been wondering for the past months how my heart would heal… if it even would. Well, these few days have allowed that to happen. I will never feel alone in the dark again

- Mother 



I am so grateful to The Retreat’s Family Program.  I have learned more in the last 4 days than I ever thought possible.  It is so evident The Retreat’s heart is in the right place.  Thank you! 

- Mother  



Thank you for giving back to me so much of what I lost through the past 5 years of my son’s addiction. I no longer need to carry that heavy burden of guilt of how I was responsible for everything. 




This was the best experience I have had & learned a lot about myself and my husband’s disease. Your staff is truly making a difference in touching people’s lives. 




 I have attended other family programs, and I liked this different approach.  




  I still can’t decide if you got me there by coercion, persuasion, enticement, or guilt.  However you pulled it off, you forever changed my life for the better, and I am eternally grateful




The Family Program has enabled me to have a better relationship with my brother. The Retreat literally saved his life, if he continues to work the program. It also changed my life.




 I came here full of hate and resentment for my mom.  I didn’t understand that it really wasn’t my fault.  I am leaving here today with a new understanding.   




I got to talk about things that I have never talked about before.

-Child, age 13



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