FAQs about The Retreat Family Program:


My loved one has the problem, why do I need to come?

Alcohol and drug addiction are a family problem that requires a family solution.  Everyone is impacted. When this is happening in our lives, we can become angry, confused and scared – sometimes without knowing it. Support and information allow for healing and movement toward a solution.



What will I get from participating in the Family Program? 

  • A break from the day to day struggles of living with addiction (when attending in person);
  • An opportunity to talk with others who understand what you’ve been experiencing;
  • Tools for dealing constructively with addiction;
  • Strategies for responding to your loved ones in ways that are caring and helpful; and
  • Ultimately, hope.


How can I best support my loved one?

If you have a loved one struggling with drugs and alcohol, we can educate you on how to respond to the addiction, and to support them in ways that really help. To get you started, here are:
 6 Things You Can Do to Help a Loved One.



I have been to other family programs. What makes this program different? 

The Retreat Programs all focus on the solution to moving forward from the impact of alcoholism and addiction on relationships. Participants will learn skills that allow them to respond differently and begin the process of healing. Participants are introduced to a process for change that has sufficient power to move family members from hopelessness to hope, for themselves and their loved ones.



I already attend Al-Anon. Would it still be useful for me to attend the Family Program?

Past participants with Al-Anon experience have reported that attending our Family Program gave them the opportunity to deepen their recovery programs.



My loved one doesn’t want to get help, so I don’t have anyone at The Retreat. Can I still attend?

Participation in the Family Program is open to anyone concerned about a loved one’s substance use. You do not need a connection to someone involved in any of our other Retreat Programs to participate.



If my loved one is in the Residential Program at The Retreat, do I need to come while they are there?

Although we feel that it’s extremely beneficial to attend the Family Program as soon as you are able, we know that it’s not always possible to come while your loved one is here in residence. The advantage to participating while they are here is you will have an opportunity to be better prepared for how to support your loved one and yourself when they return from our program. One family member will have up to 90 days to participate at no additional cost.



What does the program cost? 

Our residential program fee includes the fee for one participant to attend our Family Program. The fee for additional participants, or for those not affiliated with someone involved in Retreat programs, is $495 per person for our virtual program, and $595 for our residential program,
(which includes meals and, lodging).

Scholarship money is available for those who may need financial assistance in reducing their fee. Non-Residential Program participants’ family members receive a $245 discount from either program fee.



I live near The Retreat. Do I have to stay overnight? 

Yes, the Retreat Family Program is a residential program and it is necessary, to stay at our 18 bed McIver Family Center. An important part of the residential program is the connection that happens between family members in the evening after the sessions are done.



Can I start the program on Saturday? I can't take time off work to arrive on Thursday evening.

We've designed our program to begin on Thursday evening and last into the weekend with the intention of being minimally disruptive to people's work schedules. Our hope is that participants are able to arrive to our Residential Family Program by 5:30 PM on Thursday afternoon to get settled in before we have dinner together as a group at 6 PM. However, we know that sometimes this isn't possible due to flight schedules and other prior obligations.

We can make an allowance, if needed, for someone to miss dinner on the first night, provided that they are able to arrive by 6:45 PM. If someone is unable to attend the full program by that timeframe, we ask them to choose a different program date to attend that will allow them to attend all scheduled sessions. We require attendance at all sessions for our Virtual Family Program.



How often is the Family Program held? 

Our program is held at least twice a month, starting on the first and third Thursdays of the month. The program begins Thursday evening and concludes Sunday afternoon. Occasionally, additional programs are available.

Click here for a listing of upcoming program dates.



Do I need to register in advance to attend the Family Program? 

Yes, advance registration is required, as space is limited.



What do I need to bring to the Residential Family Program?

Please bring your own personal toiletries. You’ll also want to bring casual clothing and comfortable walking shoes. We will provide linens and towels. Laundry facilities are available.


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