About Dr. John Kelly of the Recovery Research Institute and Harvard Medical School

Dr. Kelly is the Elizabeth R. Spallin Professor of Psychiatry in the field of Addiction Medicine at Harvard Medical School, the first endowed professor in addiction medicine at Harvard, and is Founder and Director of the Recovery Research Institute (RRI) at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is a widely published authority in the area of Twelve Step and community-based approaches to recovery, and is renowned for groundbreaking research in the area of abstinence- and community-based recovery models.

Dr. Kelly has consulted to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and National Institutes of Health. He has published more than 200 peer-reviewed articles, reviews and chapters in the field of addiction science, and is a monthly contributor to Psychology Today.

The Curtis Carlson Nelson Research Institute, Dr. Kelly and the Recovery Research Institute will explore areas of recovery including:
  • The effectiveness of Twelve Step, abstinence-based recovery;
  • The impact of a continuum of recovery services including residential, non-residential, sober living, family involvement and peer influence on long-term recovery;
  • Critical factors in successful long-term recovery.
Findings will be published in a variety of alcohol and drug addiction research papers and reports. Research will provide new insights into the ways that addiction affects individuals, families and society. It also will help clinicians and health care professionals further understand, diagnose and treat drug and alcohol addiction.

Outcome Studies

Dr. Kelly’s team will work with The Retreat to do episodic surveys of The Retreat guest population to gauge the effectiveness of Twelve Step recovery models.

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Research on Twelve Step Models

The team will explore related factors in The Retreat’s continuum of care including sober living, family involvement, and peer and community support

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Media & Resources

Curated articles and resources from experts and publications in the recovery industry.

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