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Long-term drug and alcohol abuse recovery requires a flexible and holistic approach. It should focus on people's need to support and help them end their drug and alcohol dependence and rebuild healthy lives.

Residents who look for Drug rehab in Excelsior have structured interventions, and the recovery journey draws upon a recovery program of the Retreat located near Excelsior to support those who've just started. While clinical interventions are vital, we ensure that at Retreat, the alcohol rehab programs incorporate community support to ensure long-term recovery.


Services We Offer

We provide personalized, safe, non-judgmental services in a conducive environment to ensure a range of support options to meet individual needs. Our ultimate aim when catering for persons affected by substance abuse is full and lifelong recovery.


Alcohol Recovery: Alcohol Rehab Near Excelsior

Alcoholism is a serious condition affecting about 14 million Americans. According to The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, it's a chronic relapsing brain condition characterized by involuntary alcohol use, adverse emotional repercussions when not indulging, and uncontrollable urges to consume alcohol. 

While alcoholism has been touted as an incurable condition, its victims can quit drinking. After the initial addiction recovery phase, we encourage recovering persons to continue participating in support group meetings and therapy. Ultimately, ongoing support helps reduce the risk of relapse by helping people curb and manage the urges to drink, along with the associated emotional problems that may trigger the cravings.

Therapy is often the most important component in alcoholism recovery, regardless of whether an individual has other co-occurring conditions. In therapy, alcoholics can identify, accept, and deal with emotional triggers that increase the urge to drink. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are an important component of our nearby Excelsior alcohol rehabilitation program as it provides the necessary support network during and after recovery.


Drug Recovery: Drug Rehab Near Excelsior

While the drug recovery process can be quite trying, the benefits are worth the effort. In reality, recovery is a lifelong commitment that calls hard work and dedication to remain sober. Most importantly, rehab only marks the first step to the process, and long-term recovery requires involvement in the recovery process even after completing the formal phases.

People in drug abuse recovery have to go through a similar process that starts with admitting they have a drug problem and then commit to making lasting changes. After the initial recovery process, aftercare consists of any follow-up interventions, and it's an integral part of minimizing the chances of a relapse. Typically, The Retreat's Excelsior drug rehabilitation aftercare programs offer coping skills and strategies necessary for maintaining sobriety after leaving the recovery center. Nevertheless, recovering individuals must make significant lifestyle changes to ensure permanent abstinence.


How to Choose the Right Rehab Center Near Excelsior

Finding the best drug recovery programs near Excelsior can be a daunting task, but not impossible. You need to ensure you're in a program that offers a wide range of effective recovery methods. Rehab programs that offer limited therapy options may not be ready to personalize care to your specific recovery needs. Most importantly, programs that can offer evidence-based therapies — therapies that studies have proven effective — are more likely to meet your changing needs as you progress in the recovery process.

Considering the multitude of recovery options available for alcohol and drug addiction, this makes it almost possible for everyone to pick a program that would work best for them. It's imperative to consider various types of therapies to figure out what might work for you.

Ideally, a great program will offer recovery support that helps you transition into sobriety while still catering to future needs in your recovery journey. At the Retreat, our therapists help individuals in recovery determine the most suitable and beneficial recovery options.


Why Retreat

At The Retreat, we are committed to improving the lives of people affected by drugs and alcohol dependency. And while we are not an alternative to a medical program for addiction, we offer recovery therapies grounded in the 12-steps principles. If you or your loved one is seeking alcohol recovery programs near Excelsior, The Retreat can help you navigate the recovery process.

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