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Everyone who comes to a rehab center has a different experience with alcohol or drug addiction. Helping these individuals overcome substance abuse requires a personalized program that begins with an in-depth assessment of behavioral patterns, addiction side effects, addiction triggers, etc. 

Recovery is a life-long journey that requires a commitment to a deliberate way of living that begins with abstinence, behavioral modification, and sobriety. In our alcohol and drug rehab situated near Long Lake, we understand the importance of continued care during recovery and are keen to ensure participants have access to counseling and support.  

At the Retreat, we have several programs designed to help residents recover at their own pace and in an environment where they feel most understood. For instance, our alcohol rehab near Long Lake follows the 12-step program where we leverage a network of professional counselors and sober communities to guide and help participants chart their path to recovery.  


Services We Offer  

In our drug rehab programs, we help individuals dependent on substance abuse overcome their addiction problems, manage their lives better, and take care of themselves and their families. We offer the following two services:

  •         Alcohol Recovery
  •         Drug Recovery

Alcohol Rehab Neighboring Long Lake 

Alcoholism affects people of all walks of life, and the recovery process begins with a lifetime commitment to stay sober and continuously work on oneself. We try and make the whole alcohol rehab journey a seamless process that can accommodate everyone – from first-time alcoholics to long-term addicts who may have relapsed several times.

All our alcohol recovery programs Long Lake are customized to suit our resident’s needs. Our goal is to help participants replace alcohol use with new and positive habits through behavioral therapy, counseling, and continuous learning. 


Drug Rehab near Long Lake 

Like the other behavioral disorders, drug addiction requires special attention and a program that’s customized to the resident’s needs. Drug addiction is characterized by cravings, disinterest in other activities, and loss of control. Addressing all these challenges requires inpatient programs with the help of a trained professional.

Our drug recovery programs near Long Lake follow a holistic therapeutic approach where we combine several techniques from counseling, retreats, and workshops to intense behavioral therapy. These programs help residents develop new habits and learn coping strategies for dealing with cravings and everyday triggers.


How to Choose the Right Rehab Center Situated Near  Long Lake

When choosing a rehab center, there are several factors to keep in mind. Not all rehab programs offer the same level of assistance and training on how to handle addiction challenges. A rule of thumb is to look out for the following aspects when choosing a rehab center:

  • Therapy options offered: The more the number of programs offered by a rehab center, the higher the chances of getting personalized help. A one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective in handling different residents with varying addiction disorders and needs.
  • The programs used: Some programs such as the 12-steps are very effective in helping with alcohol and drug addiction. That said, we use the 12-steps AA program in ourLong lake alcohol rehabilitation therapy sessions, and it has consistently delivered high success rates.
  • The Environment: A safe and conducive environment with little to no distraction helps individuals focus on recovery. For example, all the residents in our Long Lake drug rehabilitation programs are screened to ensure they are committed to recovery and will cooperate with their colleagues and addiction professionals to ensure success. This also creates a supportive environment where everyone is working towards similar goals. 

Why Retreat 

Overcoming alcohol and drug addiction and minimizing the chances of relapse is what every rehab center works hard to accomplish. At the Retreat, we go the extra mile to ensure our residents get the best care and services that will help them recover from substance abuse and become responsible members of society. 

We achieve this by tailoring our programs to suit the specific needs of each individual and working with addiction professionals, counselors, and psychologists to help residents keep up with care even after recovery. 

Reach out to us today via email at or call us on 952-476-0566 / 866-928-3434 to learn more about our rehab programs and what we can do to help you or your loved ones beat addiction for good.