Alcohol and Drug Rehab Near Mankato, MN


Drug and alcohol use affects the brain’s structure and function and can further impact human behavior. Recovering from addiction due to alcohol and drug use requires a comprehensive approach to care customized to suit every affected individual.  

That said, recovering fully from alcohol addiction requires commitment and hard work. Our Mankato alcohol rehabilitation program follows an abstinence-based recovery model. This model is considered the safest and most effective for long-term recovery. 

Like alcohol addiction, drug abuse can be chronic, and people often benefit from specialized and full-time continuous care. The best drug recovery programs Mankatofollow a similar approach where residents are institutionalized in a long-term residential facility. The benefit to this is that individuals get additional care from qualified professionals. For example, psychological counseling help modify and replace bad habits.

At The Retreat, we are committed to helping all individuals with alcohol and drug addiction problems chart their way to recovery. We offer intensive and individualized care for all to ensure fast and effective recovery. 

These are the services we offer:

  •         Alcohol Recovery
  •         Drug Recovery

Alcohol Rehab Near Mankato

At the core of our alcohol recovery program is the abstinence-based 12-steps to recovery model by Alcoholic Anonymous. Not only has this program shown to be very effective among our residents, but it’s also one of the widely used alcohol recovery programs in various parts of the world. 

Besides our intensive 12-step AA program, we also offer a couple of retreats and workshops that help residents interact with others and engage in physical activities. We also have behavior counseling programs that help them view the world through the licenses of sobriety, responsibility, and hope. 


Drug Rehab Close to Mankato

Our drug rehab program strives to get to the roots of our residents’ drug addiction problems. Our team of counselors, behavioral psychologists, drug addiction professionals, and reformed drug addicts make our drug rehabilitation program not only intense but also transformative. We believe in an all-around program that focuses on abstinence and behavioral modification, counseling, and coaching. Getting you or your loves ones back to long-term recovery is our top priority. And that’s what makes our Mankato drug rehabilitation stand out from the rest.


How to Choose the Right Rehab Center Found Near Mankato

Choosing the right rehab center determines the quality of care and whether you’ll fully recover from drug and alcohol use. When sorting through the many drug and alcohol recovery programs Mankato, you should pay attention to a couple of factors. These include:

  • Individualized recovery programs: No two people have the same history of drug and alcohol use. Hence a more personalized approach to care will better deal with individual addiction issues and help find the best recovery path.
  • Qualified staff: Trained addiction professionals, psychologists, and counselors bring expertise and experience that can help individuals understand their addiction and life journeys. A rehab center that lacks qualified staff may not offer the best care needed to ensure long-term recovery.
  • Group therapy sessions: Besides individualized care programs, group therapy sessions play a critical role in boosting confidence and helping people learn from each other. Group therapy sessions also help them know they aren’t alone and that everyone in the program is battling the same problems and ready to help.
  • Aftercare follow-up: A great rehab center offers continuous care long after the rehabilitation time has elapsed. This helps keep those out of rehab in the loop, hence minimizing cases of relapse. By keeping in touch with “rehab alumni,” the rehab also creates a robust support system of reformed addicts who are ready to help those in active sessions. 

Why Retreat

At the Retreat, we are committed to helping our residents make peace with their past lives so that they can welcome change and brace for a life of sobriety and life-long recovery. By joining the Retreat, you devote yourself to redefining your own life, and our work is to guide you through the adventurous journey of understanding yourself and improving your life and those around you, a step at a time.

For any questions about our services, contact the admissions office to speak with our caring and friendly representative. We are there for you. Email us at or Call 952-476-0566 or 866-928-3434.