Drugs & Alcohol Rehab Near St. Cloud, MN

It’s no secret that drugs and alcohol abuse is harmful to the human body. Yet quitting them all together is easier said than done. Frequent use of drugs and alcohol can affect physical wellbeing, emotional and mental health. Physical dependency or addiction is one of the challenges that many people struggle with. Today, addiction is considered a health condition rather than a morality issue or problem of willpower.

But even with drug or alcohol addiction, recovery is not far from reach. With the right support system, people who depend on alcohol and drugs can break free and get their lives back on track.

Regardless of your addiction problems, our drug rehabilitation center located near St. Cloud has got you covered. Our drug and alcohol recovery programs close to St. Cloud are designed to help you recover fully, develop new habits and get your life together.

Through our individualized and intensive approach to care and recovery, every individual receives unique help based on their substance abuse history and living conditions. These are the two services we offer:

  • Alcohol Recovery
  • Drug Recovery

Alcohol Rehab Found Near St. Cloud 

For people struggling with alcohol addiction, abstinence and behavior modification are perhaps the best recovery options available. Our alcohol rehabilitation programs near St. Cloud comprise retreats, workshops, and counseling sessions.

We use the 12-step recovery model by Alcoholic Anonymous to help addicts successfully overcome alcohol addiction. This model has been very effective in the abstinence and recovery phases. And we believe that our residents have the power to put their past behind them and plan for their future with the help of our licensed addiction professionals, counselors, clinical and behavioral psychologists.


Drug Rehab Close to St. Cloud 

People addicted to drugs may also be addicted to alcohol, which makes a recovery more demanding. Similarly, some individuals may have other underlying health issues such as anxiety and depression. That means counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy must be part of the program. To meet the needs of our residents, our drug recovery programs near St. Cloud are designed with everyone in mind. We keep our approach to care open and flexible so we can reach out and help as many people and families as possible.


Choosing the Right Rehab Center Located Near St. Cloud 

Once you’ve decided to seek help for your drug or alcohol addiction problem, what follows is to find the best rehab center. More often, a residential or inpatient care program will offer more benefits, thanks to the intensive and 24/7 care access from health and addiction professionals. If you have work or family responsibilities, you may opt for an outpatient program.

That said, here are the other factors to consider when choosing a rehab center near St. Cloud:
  • Expert and licensed professional – rehab centers with qualified staff such as clinical psychologists and addiction professionals offer better recovery services.
  • Therapy sessions – individual and group therapy sessions are necessary to ensure long-term recovery. This is particularly the case with the 12-step AA recovery model. Individual therapy sessions allow addiction professionals to offer customized care to addicts. On the other hand, group therapy allows them to openly share their addiction experiences and help each other out since they are working on similar goals.
  • Continuous care and recovery – the best rehab program keeps their alumni in touch and within their network to minimize the chances of relapse. A mature alumni network can serve as a support group for members leaving rehab centers and active residents.

Why Retreat?

Drug and alcohol recovery starts with self-awareness. It begins with the urge to change and become better. It doesn’t matter if you are the one making the decision or a family member is helping you out of the addiction cycle. What matters is your commitment to getting help and allowing someone to guide you through the abstinence and recovery phases.

At the Retreat, we understand the challenges of addiction and, even worse, continuous relapse. We are committed to putting all these to an end so that you can have the life of your dreams.

Contact our admission office to speak with our friendly staff for more questions and inquiries about our drug and alcohol rehab near St. Cloud. We are ready to help. Call 952-476-0566 / 866-928-3434 or email us at info@theretreat.org.