Minnesota Alcohol and Drug Addiction Intervention


Minnesota alcohol and drug addiction intervention can be an effective way to get help for a devastating and seemingly hopeless family situation. Drug addiction and alcoholism is an illness that affects the entire family. It can sometimes be beneficial to have a knowledgeable and experienced third party present when talking with your family member or loved one about their drug addiction or alcoholism.


Where do we get help?

An interventionist can help you to determine your needs are and how to best access a recovery program. There are plenty of good alcohol rehab and Minnesota alcohol treatment centers available. Many can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Not everyone needs the same level of care so it is important to find the right place to seek help. An interventionist can help you find a place that will meet your needs and fit within your budget.

Our admissions staff can help you find an experienced interventionist. Call today to learn more about The Retreat and to find out if an intervention is right for you. Our professional staff with years of experience in the treatment and recovery field we would be glad to help.

For Admissions Info Call: 952-476-0566 or Toll Free at 1-877-446-9283.


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