The Retreat - Outcome Studies

While science confirms the effectiveness of addiction treatment and recovery services, the internal and external processes that produce change remain relatively unknown. The more we can objectively describe and measure processes and indicators of change, the better we can target addiction recovery efforts, improve guest outcomes, and advance the addiction recovery field.

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Research On 12 Step Abstinence Based Recovery

As a part of our scientific inquiry, the Curtis Carlson Nelson Research Institute conducts research studies involving guest populations at the The Retreat. These studies are designed to help identify the mechanisms underlying effective Twelve Step, abstinence based recovery for substance use disorder.

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Videos and Media on 12 Step Abstinence Based Recovery

Curated articles and resources from experts and publications in the recovery industry.

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The Curtis Carlson Nelson Research Institute at The Retreat

How effective is Twelve Step abstinence based recovery? How effective are the various continuum of services e.g., residential, non-residential, sober living, family involvement? What are the critical elements of a successful long-term recovery outcome?.

The Curtis Carlson Nelson Research Institute, Dr. Kelly and the Recovery Research Institute will explore areas of recovery including:

  • The effectiveness of Twelve Step, abstinence-based recovery;
  • The value of a “continuum” of recovery services including residential, non-residential, sober living and family involvement, and;
  • Critical factors in successful long-term recovery.

Findings will be published in a variety of alcohol and drug addiction research papers and reports. Research topics include:

  • Twelve Step, abstinence-based treatment/recovery practices;
  • Addiction recovery outcomes;
  • Addiction, Disease Concept, brain chemistry;
  • Critical elements of a successful long-term recovery outcome, and;
  • What demographic groups are best served in a supportive-education Twelve Step immersion program.

Research queries and findings will be presented in updates, white papers and case studies. In addition, the Curtis Carlson Nelson Research Institute collaborates with the Recovery Research Institute at Harvard and Massachusetts General to study special-focus addiction research topics, summarized in monthly Emerging Drug Trends reports.

Altogether, these studies provide the latest in addiction research for anyone interested in learning more about the neuroscience of addiction and how addiction affects individuals, families and society in general. The research also helps clinicians and health care professionals further understand, diagnose and treat drug and alcohol addiction. Learn more about Curtis Carlson Nelson Research Institute addiction research studies below.