At The Retreat Near Greenwood, MN

Drug and alcohol addiction can be a huge impediment to a healthy and fulfilling life. The Retreat aims to assist victims of drug and alcohol abuse in re-imagining a new world of possibilities filled with health, success, and productivity. Residents looking for drug rehab in Greenwood may turn to Retreat near Greenwood for top-notch drug rehabilitation services.

Our alcohol rehab near Greenwood follows the abstinence-based 12 step Alcoholic Anonymous model that’s now considered the standard of care among many rehab centers across the world. This program is highly effective in modifying the behaviors and attitudes of people as well as boosting healthy life skills and getting them back on the journey to full recovery.

At The Retreat, we work with individuals, families, and even communities struggling with drug and alcohol dependency to improve their quality of life. We offer several programs – from the Men’s and Women’s residential to the Relapse and Renewal programs, but all of these falls under either of the following categories:

  • Alcohol Recovery
  • Drug Recovery

Let’s dive deep into each of the services below.

Alcohol Rehab near Greenwood

The journey to overcoming alcohol addiction can be a long and bumpy one, and it takes the right programs offered by qualified professionals to successfully break off the drinking habits. Regardless of how heavy of a drinker you are or how broken you feel, there’s always some light at the end of the tunnel. Our nearby Greenwood alcohol rehabilitation program follows a holistic approach to abstinence and recovery, where people get full support from addiction professionals and reformed alcoholics within our network.


Drug Rehab near Greenwood

Drug rehab, unlike alcohol rehab, may require a slightly different approach to care based on a variety of factors. First, not all drugs have the same impact on everyone, and some people may require deeper counseling and dual diagnosis programs. With this in mind, we’ve designed our Greenwood drug rehabilitation programs near Greenwood to uniquely cater to the needs of the individual. We work closely with professionals with skills and experience in handling drug abuse people. This way, we can help out people exhibiting advanced mental or behavioral issues.


How to Choose the Right Rehab Center Near Greenwood?

Depending on your unique addiction issues and your goals for joining a rehab program, you always want to pay attention to the rehab center you are about to sign up with. Here are some of the factors to keep in mind:

  • The variety of programs offered – Always ensure that the programs meet your needs and goals. In-patient programs are often best for people who want to fast-track their recovery process with higher chances of success.
  • The available amenities – Ensure that the amenities within the facility can support the lifestyle you want for yourself.
  • Location – Nearby facilities are more convenient for visiting family members.
  • Quality of program and care – The best alcohol and drug rehab centers should partner with addiction professionals who have specialized in either drug or alcohol recovery. The staff should also be friendly and professional – i.e., they should be well-versed with alcohol and drug recovery programs.
  • Length of the program – 30-day rehab programs are more convenient for people who have families to look after or professionals who need to get back to their jobs.

    Why Retreat

At The Retreat, we are on a mission to free adult men, families, and communities from the burden of alcohol and drug abuse. We understand that every individual has unique past experiences, which require a customized approach to recovery and care. That way, we do not believe in the one-size-fits-all kind of care.

Therefore, our alcohol and drug recovery programs Greenwood are customizable to suit the needs of individual sufferers to offer long lasting recovery. This is the reason we have divided our programs into ten unique sessions – Relapse, virtual 55 Plus, Family, Sober Housing programs, etc., – each targeted to a particular group of people.

If you are looking for the best drug and alcohol recovery programs Greenwood for young adults, we’ve got you covered. The Retreat is committed to helping you break from addiction habits so that you can live a sober, happy, and fulfilling life.

In case of any question or comment concerning alcohol and drug recovery programs, do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone: (866) 928.3434 / (952) 476.0566 or email at, and one of our representatives to get to you as soon as possible.