AA Meetings for Seniors


Older adults suffering from drug or alcohol abuse problems can get support from group therapy programs. Group meetings are vital to building healthy social ties and rekindling forgotten social skills. Most importantly, seniors tend to feel more isolated, especially in the absence of strong family networks. As such, specialised group meetings like AA for seniors can help bridge the gap.

Individuals attending AA meetings are ready to change their alcohol abuse behaviours and are committed to embracing sobriety. Supported by the 12-step program, AA focuses on pressing towards abstinence amidst drinking temptations along the way.

While all AA meetings have similarities in their mode of operation, some are designed to focus on a specific group of people to better address their unique needs. Seniors can have a hard time when facing alcohol addiction on their own, but AA meetings for seniors can make the process easier.


Sober AA Meetings

Seniors can get entangled in drug and substance use for various reasons like emotional or physical pain. Elderly people with addiction issues have unique recovery care needs and can face several hindrances when accessing adequate programs.

Several studies show that about 30% of people with nondependent alcohol abuse problems become moderate drinkers after participating in an intervention program. These programs start with careful assessment and involvement in therapy sessions that motivate seniors to embrace sobriety.

While some seniors may be reluctant to sign up for recovery programs, statistics show that results tend to be quite good. Older adults tend to be more compliant with program requirements, hence experiencing better results.

AA meetings are community programs applauded for helping seniors stay sober in the long term. Most older adults will benefit more from attending AA meetings that comprise other senior adults. Similarly, the opportunity to mentor younger people struggling with addiction problems can be a source of inspiration to stay sober. As a mentor, someone depends on your guidance on their sobriety journey. Therefore, seniors that act as mentors in AA meetings tend to stay sober for longer.

Studies show that seniors who participate in AA meetings expand their social circle of sober friends. The support from this community provides the necessary inspiration to adopt a sober life. Notably, seniors are more interested in spirituality, and the 12-step process taught in Alcoholics Anonymous is rooted in spirituality. Since the approach is in line with the spiritual outlook of most seniors, it becomes easier to embrace the principles of sober living.


AA Recovery Meetings

Alcoholic Anonymous meetings utilise the 12-step program that offers a well-organised series of steps and AA meeting resources that help seniors become sober and prepare for long term sobriety. AA meetings take place in public places like community centres or churches.

Meetings often start with the chairperson reading the preamble and asking members to recite the short version of the serenity prayer. While the chairperson may ask newcomers to introduce themselves to older members, it's a voluntary step that anyone is free to skip.

If you are attending a Step Study Meeting, the chairperson will inform members which step they shall focus on. The chapter is then read from the Big Book, and members are invited to share insight, discussion, and experiences related to the chapter.

When you are attending a speaker meeting, a person will be invited to tell their recovery story, inspiration, and how they managed to break free from drug addiction. The idea is to help members relate the story to their current situation and get the inspiration to move on.

The helping behaviour in the AA recovery program is clearly shown in the 12th step, where members get the chance to become sponsors to other alcoholics. Typically, you qualify to be a sponsor once you've been sober for more than 12 months. However, informal helping roles can be taken early in the recovery process and may include cleaning after meeting sessions or putting out coffee.

Studies show that alcoholics that participate in AA recovery program meetings get better results than alcoholics who do not engage in any sort of group programs. For instance, in a study of people with drug addiction problems who started participating in AA meetings, about 38% were still participating two years later. Out of this group, 81% had shown long-term abstinence compared to only 26% of non-participating individuals.

In another study that involved 16 years of follow-ups, similar trends were identified. At least 66% of individuals who participated in AA programs for more than six months experienced lower drinking problems when compared to 33% of those who didn't participate.


Seniors Meeting Near Me

Joining a support group like Alcoholics Anonymous zoom meetings for seniors can make a huge difference in your recovery process. Besides helping you meet other people in recovery, this program lowers the chances of a relapse. Sometimes, recovery from alcohol and drug addiction may require more than group therapy. Often, people with bigger drug dependency problems do better when getting integrated addiction care in a residential recovery centre.

At The Retreat, we are committed to helping people with addiction problems by providing a conducive environment and resources to aid recovery. Our staff is friendly and experienced in drug addiction and therapy matters. To ensure recovering patients get the necessary support for easier recovery, we have volunteers and support staff who have direct experience with drug and alcohol addiction. Meaning they have battled addiction at one point in their life and managed to reclaim their lives.

The level of support you can get from someone who has faced a similar issue can be a lasting pillar of support for long term recovery. Often, the support staff will share their story to inspire others on the road to recovery.

While all AA meetings can be beneficial to participants, the results are better when the meeting is designed to cater for a specific group. For instance, elderly adults will derive more value when participating in a group with other older members than one with mixed demographics.

The Retreat understands that seniors have unique needs hence the need to have AA meetings tailored just for them. If you want to start participating in a group therapy program, don't hesitate to reach out.


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