The Retreat Approach - Women's Program


Experienced staff and volunteers provide guidance and support to those seeking to establish a solid foundation of recovery grounded in the spiritual principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Retreat’s philosophy is simple and straightforward; it relies heavily on an integrated community approach. We introduce people who are motivated for change to those who are living recovery at the highest level, making a life of recovery both attractive and within reach. Our strength comes from our collective wisdom and experience and our success is largely based on our ability to involve the broader recovery community in our mission of helping people recover.

Teaching the essentials of recovery as embodied in the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and providing a strong focus on the basic principles of recovery are hallmarks of The Retreat philosophy. The Retreat creates an environment that promotes emotional and spiritual growth and helps establish a solid connection to the recovery community. Guests share their experience, strength and hope with one another, learning to trust and to understand the true nature of their illness and to take the steps necessary to recover.

Retreat guests discover the importance of practicing the Twelve Step principles of Alcoholics Anonymous in their daily lives and gain a commitment to undergo the personal change so important to recovery. Mentoring and sponsorship deepen this process of change. Staff and volunteers who have walked a similar path share their experience and help guests to take the actions necessary to recover from their alcoholism or chemical dependency.


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