Older Adult Recovery Programs

Older adults are at a high risk for the consequences of addiction owing to changes related to aging, multiple medications, loss, isolation and chronic illness.  Consequences include delirium, suicide, memory loss, falls and fractures and damaged relationships.

The Retreat’s time-tested approach has helped thousands of individuals establish a solid foundation of recovery, grounded in the spiritual principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.  We introduce people who are motivated for change to those who are living recovery at the highest level.  By creating a supportive, integrated community, the Day Program for Older Adults: Promotes emotional and spiritual growth for adults 55 and up, Creates a bridge to the recovery community and to other resources, Provides a supportive context for addressing major life issues, Employs a holistic, age-specific approach that removes barriers and establishes social connectedness.

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Schedule & Cost: 

8 weeks- participants may enroll any time 
Mondays and Wednesdays 
9:00am – 3:00pm
 $1,500 (includes lunch)


Admission Requirements:

  • 60 years of age or older
  • Willing and motivated to participate in the program
  • Seeking recovery from alcohol or drug dependence
  • Sober and drug free
  • Psychologically and medically stable
  • Aware that The Retreat is not a substitute for psychotherapy, medical treatment or detoxification


To begin the registration process, participants complete a confidential screening with Retreat staff to determine appropriateness for Retreat services.  Applicants not qualified are given assistance and referrals for alternative program placement.  The Retreat is not a replacement for medical treatment.  We do not serve people who need a clinical treatment experience.


Residential Dual Track:

For those that need a higher level of care, The Retreat offers a dual track that includes our residential program combined with the Older Adult program.


Older Adult AA Meetings at The Retreat:

  • Elders 12 & 12 Study – Tuesdays 8:00am

  • Elders 12 & 12 Study – Tuesdays 10:00am

  • Elders Big Book Study – Thursdays 10:00am
Elders Big Book Stories – Fridays 10:00am

Steve Crane:

Steve is the Facilitator of the Non-Residential Older Adult Program at The Retreat. He received his Master’s from Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies in 2002 and also works part time in the Family Program at Hazelden.  He facilitated the Non-Residential Evening Program for The Retreat in Saint Paul before taking over the Older Adult Program. He has worked in the field of addiction for 15 years and is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor with the state of Minnesota.