Deephaven, MN

Addiction treatment programs take many forms and choosing the right one narrows down to your unique needs. For instance, our Deephaven alcohol rehabilitation program serves patients struggling with alcohol addiction, while drug rehab programs work well with patients recovering from narcotics and prescription drugs.

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Excelsior. MN

Excelsior, MN

Long-term drug and alcohol abuse recovery requires a flexible and holistic approach. It should focus on people's need to support and help them end their drug and alcohol dependence and rebuild healthy lives.

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Greenwood, MN

Drug and alcohol addiction can be a huge impediment to a healthy and fulfilling life. Our alcohol and drug rehab in Greenwood seeks to help victims of drug and substance abuse re-imagine a new world of possibilities where health, success, and productivity are in abundance.

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Long Lake, MN

Everyone who comes to a rehab center has a different experience with alcohol or drug addiction. Helping these individuals overcome substance abuse requires a personalized treatment plan that begins with an in-depth assessment of behavioral patterns, addiction side effects, addiction triggers, treatment history, etc.

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